DTG, or Direct to Garment printing, is a great new technology ideal for those wanting more colors, higher detail, more customization, quicker turnaround times and offer many advantages to decorating garments that other techniques are not able to, with no minimum orders. We can print full/unlimited color designs on white and on any other colored garments you want.

LOS ANGELES DTG PRINTING T SHIRTS using the latest technology we are able to print your designs & graphics directly onto textiles. The ink soaks into the garment and becomes one with the shirt. Once printed, the garment is heat pressed to cure the ink and ensure both durability and wash ability. This means you won’t have to worry about your design cracking, peeling, fading or washing away over time. DTG lasts as long as the life of the shirt and holds up great.

Is efficient and provides a solution to printing smaller orders. It is a great way to get an unlimited number of colors in the design. The cost of printing is much lower because there is no set up time, unlike screen printing. This allows for immediate turnaround time once the artwork has been submitted properly. Have in mind the more t-shirts you print, the lower the costs.

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DTG Benefits

T-shirt print Eco friendly ink


Our environmentally friendly, pigmented water-based inks that are also naturally sourced, soak into the fabric to create a soft natural feeling print.


No minimum shirts


You can order as few or as many shirts as you want, making DTG great for sample shirts and one-time events. Of course, the more t-shirts you print, the lower the cost.


T shirts print No setup fees Los Angeles Direct to Garment printing


No Hidden Fees & No Set up Time. No color separation or complicated art preparation, unlike other methods. This allows for immediate turnaround time once the design is properly submitted. Printing costs are lower.

DTG Advantages


Print T shirt with Dtg an choose unlimited colors


Full colors. We don’t charge by color. Feel free to use as many colors as your imagination desires.  You are able to choose over 16 million colors.


Print T shirt turnaround times


We have fast turnaround times. We can make a t-shirt/ sample the same day.  We are flexible but if needed, we offer rush services for an additional fee.


Print t shirts on Demand Los Angeles


This means that you no longer have to hold large amounts of inventory. We can print only the apparel variants that your costumers order.

DTG Capabilities

Print t shirts direct to garment ink


Allows you to print in gradient colors. Excellent Opacity. Is ideal for Photos, Graphic effects & designs with a variety of different colors. High resolution & detailed images.


T shirt print with direct to garment soft hand touch


DTG feels softer than other print methods. This is because the ink permanently adheres to the shirt fibers. The imprint will last as long as the life of the shirt.


Print cheap t shirt Los Angeles


Provides a solution for small orders with an unlimited number of colors in the design. The bigger the order, the cheaper the price.  Our prices our extremely competitive.