Our service requires that you provide correctly sized and formatted artwork. We do not resize artwork to match mockups as part of our service. Bellow you will find information about the file format, resolution, size, and tips on how to prepare your artwork. Incorrectly formatted artwork may result in delays in order processing.

Preferred Format 1 (.png)

  • Saved at 300 dpi (recommended), 8 bit color, in RGB mode.
  • They can´t be saved in CMYK so there can be some color shifting when we convert them to CMYK before printing.
  • No interfasing.
  • The image must be sized in the desired print size.
  • With transparent background.

Prefered Format 2 (.psd)

  • Saved at 300 dpi (recommended), in CMYK, 8 bit color.
  • The image must be sized  in the desired print size.
  • Supplied as a single layer (merge all visible layers but do not flatten). If your layers are not merged, your image will be uploaded as only one layer, and not the entire image.
  • With transparent background.

Illustrator Files (.ai)

  • The image must be sized in the desired print size.
  • All text converted to outlines.iu
  • Document Raster Effects to 300 dpi (recommended).

Other Formats (these formats may not work in all cases and should be avoided if possible)

  • .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff
  • Saved at 300 dpi (recommended).
  • The image must be sized in the desired print size.

For Reference

  • Images found on the web and on websites are tipically only 72 DPI resolution, and as such are unsuitable. These images are also normally smaller than the desired print size which will be distorted if resized. We recommended that if you want to look for Images on the web look for wallpaper type of images they are big in size, good in quality and they are saved in higher resolution too.
  • If you have any adittional question about the Dtg artwork requirements send us a message to an we will be glad to assist you.